Drake Creek Hunting Packages

Minimum Antler Restriction of 130 gross inches

2021 Hunt Prices & Dates

Here you will find prices on our hunting packages. You may choose one of these or if you desire something tailored to your specific needs. We will be happy to accommodate you any way possible. We welcome handicapped hunters that may require special needs.

ATTENTION: We rebook about 80% of our hunters each year. This only leaves a few openings each year. Do not wait to book your hunt!!!

Compare our prices to anyone and you'll find this to be an affordable hunt. This does not mean it's a lesser hunt. We do this because we love it. Money is not our first priority. A limited number of hunters will be taken.

Prices include lodging, dinner, transportation to all hunting locations, and guides that are proven hunters that know how to hunt mature bucks.

PAYMENT TERMS: 1/3 due within 7 days of booking your dates, another 1/3 due by June 1, remaining 1/3 due 2 weeks before arrival date or cash upon arrival. We accept credit card for all payments. Personal checks will be accepted for first two payments only, with credit card or cash only for the last payment. Credit card payments will require fees to be covered by the individual.

In the unfortunate event you must cancel or reschedule, your deposit will be forwarded to other dates if available or future hunts. A 90 day advance notice for this is required. Deposits are non-refundable.

We work extremely hard year around to provide the opportunity that every hunter may take home a trophy class whitetail. What we are selling you is that opportunity. Please keep in mind that this is a fair chase hunt and as much as we would like to we cannot guarantee you a kill.

Velvet Bow Hunt Prices

Dates: September 4th - 8th

Velvet hunts, bucks are in bachelor groups, unpressured and feeding heavily. There are very few available spots due to the bachelor groups. Only 6 persons will be taken for this hunt.

5 day bow hunt: $4,000

Bow / Muzzle Load Combo

Dates: October 14th - 15th

Acorns are dropping, deer are splitting up and beginning to establish their territories.

2 Day bow/crossbow and 2 day muzzle load combo hunt: $2,200
2 Day muzzle load: $1,200 (October, 16th and 17th)

Pre Rut Bow Hunt

Dates: November 1st - 10th

Prerut will be turning to the rut and hunting will be reaching its peak. This is a phenomenal time when all the bucks are on the hoof searching for that 1st estrus doe.

4 day bow hunt: $2,500
5 day bow hunt: $3,000

High Powered Rifle

Dates: November 13th - 24th

With the rut coming on strong the words "Right place at the Right time" can mean some of the greatest victories for a hunter! Group rates availble w/ 6 or more on 5 day hunts only.

5 day hunt: $3,500

December Black Powder

Dates: December 11th - 15th

Pressure from the rifle season has come to ease. Deer movement will become food source oriented and a secondary rut will take place. Mature bucks that did not waste energy like the young bucks will be the ones working the does. This is when you can bust a true giant.

Group rates availble w/ 6 or more on 5 day hunts only.

3 day hunt: $2,200
4 day hunt: $2,600
5 day hunt: $3,000

Minimum antler restriction is strictly enforced!

There are no trophy fees at Jonathan Creek Outfitters. However there will be a ($1,250) for any buck taken under 130 gross inches. Everyone will be educated on how to score deer quickly on the hoof. This fine is implicated to insure that our property has quality deer for you to hunt every year and all moneys paid on fines are put directly back into enhancing the health of our herd.

Our guides and cooks are underpaid and rely on tips to make this worth while. This ensures that pleasing you is their only priority. Please keep them in mind as you prepare for your trip and if you feel they did a good job your gratuity will be very much appreciated.

Turkey Hunting

Dates: TBD

FYI: Kentucky had its first turkey season in 1988 there were 9 birds registered that year in Calloway County. Last year Calloway had over 300 birds registered for the season. It is not uncommon to see as many as 60 to 80 birds in a flock now days and it is rare that you cannot stand on the back porch of the lodge at daybreak and here as many as 5 or 6 different birds gobblin' as you disperse towards them for a springtime hunt.

3 day special with guide: $1,350
3 day special do it yourself: $900

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